Name Title and Logo or Photo for the Project

Attractive catchy names are 30% of its own Propaganda or Promotion and if one can put a unique, its works 50%. Subsequently, the project Logo also do A major works.

In case of your Bio Profile Try to use a unique Type Font and select the best photograph among all of yours, obviously select a Photo with your clear and alone view. Using a photo with white background as like as a passport or visa is the best choice.

A Free Key Account for the Project

google Account
Email: Gmai
Storage: Google Drive
Collections: G+
Community: G+ Community
Events: G+ Events
Pages: G+ Pgaes
Microsoft Account
Email: (hotmail/outlook
OneDrive: Storage
Office Online:
One Note:

Free Social Network Account for the Project

faceBook Account (Free):
        facebook Product page 1st page:
        facebook Product page 2nd page:
        facebook group:
twitter Account (Free):
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other Social Network Account (Free) 1:
Other Social Network Account (Free) 2:*
Skype (on MSN) (Free): Account (Free):
* you can use more Platforms according to your country and profession.
YouTube is a video-sharing website service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion. YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries. The site allows users to upload, view, and share videos to display a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media video. Available content includes video clips, TV clips, music videos, and other content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos.
Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals, but media corporations including CBS, the BBC, Vevo, Hulu, and other organizations offer some of their material via YouTube, as part of the YouTube partnership program.

if you have any video to project or present. Visual is more effective than a best wite up.

Free youtube channel for the Project